It is amazing what you can do today. With a few strokes on a keyboard and some clicks on a trackpad, we can achieve a lot. We can help. We can amuse. We can inspire. From something as mundane as making accounting more efficient to something as important as aiding doctors to find the right treatment. It is a great time to be a technologist.

fairy tale

This is why we are passionate about what we do. We love exploring new frameworks, programming languages, interface designs. We learn more and more each day, because each new way to interact with technology means a new possibility to create something great. Yes, it sounds quite cheesy, but fairy tales usually are… Today, we have the fantastic power to talk to people on the other side of the world – live. The fabulous moving photos in Harry Potter’s newspapers have been around for years on our smart phones. And, when we plan a trip around the world, we expect it to be in less than 80 hours and not days.

less is more

Usability and joy-of-use are most essential in order to create great stuff. Surprisingly, the best technical solutions are often not that technological at all. Sometimes, the whiteboard next to the coffee maker is worth more than the best online collaboration system. At times, removing features and limiting options is more powerful. Often, it is more effective to ignore the last five exceptions and offer a free-form text field. Always, it is better to provide a few simple tools which play together nicely, so users can combine them in ways you could not even imagine. But that is hard.

Creating good products and finding the simplest solution, is hard. But exactly this challenge makes it fun. We dare to discover, examine, and solve problems of real people. Because, there is no better feeling than seeing someone smile because they love the result.


Here is what we do: