10th of January, 2022
teaching, dev

after the successful Kickstarter campaign, the content is now available online
by Tom Rothe

A while back, I celebrated the successful Kickstarter campaign. Now after all the shipping is done, I built a little website. Here the pitch again:

The dashingDev is a card deck designed to inspire, improve and remind developers. Each card summarizes a core concept in software development. The deck is for people from all kinds of backgrounds and all levels of skill. The cards are not specific to any technology – they describe the fundamentals of software design & development.

Beginners get inspiration on what to learn next; more advanced developers have the chance to expand their horizons with new concepts and seasoned developers get reminded of facts they once knew.

dashingDev is neither a comprehensive teaching tool nor a full checklist for validating your design. The dashingDev cards inspire and awaken curiosity.

And here the link to the website dashingDev