Our cross boule rules

23rd of May, 2016
games, leisure

Cross boule is Boules with Hacky Sacks, but the rules of this great game are sometimes not quite clear...

We often saw people playing Boules in the park. You know, this game where people throw a small ball and then throw heavy steal balls after it to come as close as possible. It is fun, but has a huge disadvantage: you can only play it on even ground – no gras, no stones, no nothing.

One day we found cross boule. This is the same game, except you play it with Hacky Sacks. With those little cloth bags instead of steal balls, you can play it virtually everywhere. It is great fun and a great way to decide who shall be doing dishes.

The only problem was that we often struggled with the rules (e.g. what happens if multiple balls touch the jack). Over a couple of cross boule seasons we developed our own. Here is what we made up:

You can also download the pdf.