Let’s work together. Please write us an email. Just send us your phone number (no other text required) and we will call you back asap.

what we do

We speak English and German is our mother tongue.
Mostly, we work in English though.

analysis & design
We find a way to solve the problem at hand.
Together with you we find priorities and we pick the means to make it work.
We build prototypes and work iteratively towards a usable product.

We build a Ruby-based web systems.
We visualize data in the web with JavaScript, D3 and jQuery.
We create iOS and Android apps.
Please ask for other technologies.

We train people: one-on-one mentoring, small group trainings and lectures.
The course topics revolve mostly around the web (e.g. Rails, JavaScript & jQuery, D3, HTML & CSS).
But we also do programming courses (e.g. Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Swift, Objective C, Java).
Quite in demand is also iOS and Android app development.
There is more, please ask.

what we don’t do

We do not do graphical design for your poster.
We don’t take a Photoshop file and make it into a website.
We don’t work because the “next contract will certainly be payed”.

we are…

…looking forward to work with you. Don’t be shy, just call.